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Victim Services Division holds 2019 Crisis Intervention and Victimology Training
Victim Services will be holding a Crisis Intervention and Victimology Training beginning September 3, 2019. Click above for more information or call 724-5525
PCAO Releases New Victims' Rights Guide
The Pima County Attorney's Office Victim Services Division releases new Victims' Rights Guide. The guide is intended to help explain criminal proceedings and the legal rights of victims.
The Victim Services Division assists victims at crime scenes and at court hearings, providing support for crime victims and guiding them through the criminal justice system.

The Pima County Attorney's Victim Services Division, established in 1975, was the first in the nation to provide comprehensive assistance to victims of crimes.  It has served as a model for programs in other states and in several foreign countries. More than 25 staff plus 120 volunteers are on call 24 hours a day to serve crime victims.

Our Victim Services staff and volunteers have been called upon to work with the victims of the January 8th shooting tragedy, the September 11th terrorist attacks, the Oklahoma City bombing, the war and genocide in Bosnia, and other local and national tragedies.  Each year Victim Services makes more than 16,000 victim contacts and helps more than 5,000 people in crisis.
Victim Services 2019
2019 National Crime Victims' Rights Week (NCVRW)

Every April, OVC leads communities throughout the country in their annual observances of NCVRW. This year, OVC will commemorate NCVRW April 7 - 13. This year's NCVRW theme -- Honoring Our Past.

Creating Hope for the Future. --celebrates the progress made by those before us as we look to a future of crime victim services that is even more inclusive, accessible, and trauma-informed.

Click here for a full list of local events.
40 Years of Victim Services (1975-2015)

This year marks the 40th Anniversary of Victim Services (formerly Victim Witness). Victim Witness was started in 1975 by then County Attorney Dennis DeConcini in order to do more to help crime victims at a time when crime victims had no rights and little voice in the criminal justice process.

The program was one of the first in the nation and became a model for many other programs, providing on-scene crisis intervention services and later court advocacy.

In subsequent years, under County Attorney Stephen Neely and Barbara LaWall, the program grew and expanded. Today, Victim Services has 28 and over 100 volunteers who serve over 8000 victims each year.
The Pima County Attorney's Office provides victim services regardless of race, color, national origin including persons with limited English proficiency, sex, religion, disability, age, and genetic information.

You may file a discrimination complaint if you believe that the Pima County Attorney's Office has discriminated against you for any of the reasons listed above.

For more information on how to file a civil rights non-discrimination complaint click here.

For more information:
Visit Victim Resources or call:  (520) 724-5525

Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

"For Tucson City Court cases, which are not handled by the County Attorney, please call: (520) 791-5483
Inside the Victim Services Division
Domestic Violence
The Pima County Attorney's Office has a special Domestic Violence Unit  staffed by specially trained Victim Advocates who provide the unique services needed by victims of domestic violence. A victim advocate is present for all domestic violence court hearings, including misdemeanors. Our fundamental goals in domestic violence cases are to engage in early and meaningful contact and communication with victims, encourage swift and certain accountability for offenders, aggressively prosecute repeat offenders, and utilize investigative and prosecution techniques that enhance victim safety and offender accountability. Members of the domestic violence team also actively participate in community groups and events that enhance prevention and awareness of domestic violence issues.

Read more about the Domestic Violence Unit
Victims' Rights

A. To preserve and protect victims' rights to justice and due process, a victim of crime has a right:

1. To be treated with fairness, respect and dignity, and to be free from intimidation, harassment or abuse, throughout the criminal justice process.
2. To be informed, upon request, when the accused or convicted person is released from custody or has escaped.
3. To be present at and, upon request, to be informed of all criminal proceedings when the defendant has the right to be present.
4. To be heard at any proceeding involving a post-arrest release decision, a negotiated plea and sentencing.

Click here for complete Crime Victims' Bill of Rights

Click here for the Spanish version of the Crime Victims' Bill of Rights
Court Advocacy
Being the victim of a crime is often very traumatic, and the criminal justice system can be overwhelming and confusing. Trained Victim Advocates are available to help. When a crime results in criminal prosecution, the Victim Advocate is available to:
  • Inform victims of their rights.
  • Explain the criminal justice system and the roles of other parties.
  • Obtain victim input before decisions are made about the case.
  • Accompany victims to court and trial to provide emotional support, explain court proceedings, and answer questions.
  • Work with detectives and Deputy County Attorneys to address victims' or witnesses' concerns.
  • Inform victims of avenues for seeking financial restitution and property return.
  • Assist with writing victim impact statements.
  • Help with scheduling for court appearances.
  • Make referrals to appropriate resources.

If you are the victim of a crime that is being prosecuted by the Pima County Attorney's Office, please call 520-724-5525 if you have questions or need assistance.
Kids in Court
A child who is a victim or a witness to a crime often faces a legal system that can be overwhelming. Adding to this complex and unfamiliar process is the possibility of having to appear in court to testify, which can cause fear and anxiety in some children. Many of these feelings are based on misconceptions about the courtroom. Kids in Court is a free program intended to empower child victims and witnesses and to educate their caregivers in a safe and fun environment.

Kids who participate will:
  • Become familiar with the courtroom environment and procedures.
  • Become familiar with various court personnel including judges, bailiffs, and attorneys.
  • Become familiar with the role of a witness.
  • Have an easier time expressing needs in the courtroom.
  • Develop general coping skills that will help them learn to manage stress and anxiety.

If your child is a victim of or witness to a crime that is being prosecuted through the Pima County Attorney's Office and you would like him or her to participate in Kids in Court, please call 724-5525.
Crisis Intervention Services
Immediately following a crime, victims often experience a variety of emotional and physical reactions to the trauma. Trained Victim Advocates are available to provide crisis intervention services to help mitigate the effects and assist victims with their most immediate needs.
  • Can respond to homes, hospitals, schools and other scenes to provide crisis intervention at the request of law enforcement or health care staff.
  • Are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Can assist victims of all crime types including domestic violence, sexual assault, robbery, assault, and homicide.
  • Are also available for those affected by a sudden or traumatic death.
  • Can provide emotional support, answer questions, assess needs, offer resources and provide community referrals.
Victim Compensation
Crime Victim Compensation may be able to help with crime-related expenses. Crime Victim Compensation provides financial assistance to crime victims who have incurred a financial loss as a direct result of a crime. The perpetrator does not have to be charged or convicted for the victim to apply for assistance. However, the victim seeking compensation must fully cooperate with law enforcement and the Pima County Attorney's Office. A written application is required. Applications are reviewed and decisions are made by the Pima County Crime Victim Compensation Claims Board.

If you have been a victim of a crime and feel you may qualify for victim compensation, click here to learn more.
Volunteer Opportunities
The Victim Services Division is in need of volunteers. There are two types of volunteer opportunities within the Victim Services Division: crisis response and court advocacy.

Crisis Response Volunteers

Volunteers provide crisis intervention services to victims at the request of law enforcement. Volunteers respond on-scene to a variety of calls including sexual assault, homicide, robbery, burglary, domestic violence, suicide and child abuse. They are also sometimes asked to make death notifications with law enforcement.

Court Advocacy Volunteers

Volunteers provide daytime court advocacy to victims and witnesses involved in criminal cases. Volunteers learn about the criminal justice system, community resources and a wide variety of court cases. Volunteer court advocates schedule themselves during regular office hours. They work closely with staff members, other agencies and Deputy County Attorneys to provide a wide variety of victim support services.
If you are interested in learning more about how to become a Victim Service Volunteer, please call (520) 724-5525
Violence Prevention
The Victim Services Division offers a two-hour workshop on Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention. This workshop is geared toward adults who work with or are concerned about youth in the community. During this presentation, participants will learn:
  • The facts about sexual violence and its impact on our youth, families, and communities.
  • The importance of instilling in our youth the concept of appropriate boundaries.
  • The connections between bullying, sexual harassment, relationship violence, child sexual abuse, and rape.
  • How to spot red flags regarding domestic and dating violence.
  • Arizona laws related to sexual violence and the legal definition of consent.
  • How to respond to a disclosure of sexual violence.
  • Appropriate resources and interventions.
  • Mandated reporting laws.
  • Easy steps everyone can take to help reduce sexual violence.

To schedule a workshop, contact the Victim Services Division at 520-724-5525.

Contact Information and Satellite Locations
In the fall of 2007, Victim Services received a grant to expand its advocacy and education services into the rural areas of Pima County including Marana, Oro Valley, Green Valley, Sahuarita and Ajo in order to assist crime victims who traditionally have been underserved. Each satellite office has a staff member and volunteer who provide crisis support services and court advocacy to victims of crime and crisis. If you have been a victim of a crime in one of these communities or areas and your case is being prosecuted in one of the municipal or regional Justice Courts, please contact the appropriate office below.

South Satellite Victim Services Office
(Green Valley, Sahuarita, and surrounding areas)
Sahuarita Police Department
315 W. Sahuarita Center Way
Sahuarita, AZ 85629

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Pima County Attorney's Office Juvenile Division
2235 E. Ajo Way
Tucson, AZ 85713

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Ajo Satellite Victim Services Office
(Ajo and surrounding areas)
421 W. Esperanza Ave.
Ajo, Arizona 85321

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32 N. Stone Avenue, Tucson, Arizona 85701