Public Records
The Pima County Attorney's Office supports and enforces Arizona's Public Records Law, sometimes referred to as the Sunshine on Government law. All records and other matters in the office of any public agency or official in the State are to be open during office hours for inspection by any person. The County Attorney responds promptly to all requests for records maintained by her Office and provides legal advice and representation to the various other county departments, officials, boards and committees to assist them in doing so as well. In addition, the County Attorney investigates alleged violations of the Public Records Law and, when warranted, takes action against agencies or individuals within Pima County who violate the law. The County Attorney also coordinates and collaborates with the Arizona Attorney General's enforcement team.

If you wish to view or obtain a copy of a record maintained by the Pima County Attorney's Office, please complete the Public Records Request Form. Submit the completed form to the County Attorney's Communications staff by emailing, faxing or hand-delivering it to:
Isabel Burruel Smutzer
Pima County Attorney's Office
32 N. Stone Ave.
19th Floor
Tucson, AZ 85701
Email to
Please be as specific as possible with respect to the records you are requesting.
Public Records Request
The Pima County Attorney is a strong supporter of Arizona's Public Records Law and of transparency and openness in government. Most records and other matters in the Pima County Attorney's Office are open to the public. Please click on the link below for instructions regarding public records requests before filling out your commercial request form or non-commercial request form, which are also provided below.

Open Meetings Law
The Pima County Attorney is a strong proponent and enforcer of Arizona's Open Meetings Law. The law ensures that meetings of public bodies are open to the public and that the public receives adequate notice of all items to be addressed and all actions taken at such meetings. This law ensures that public boards, committees and commissions do not conduct business behind closed doors but rather in the open and in public where members of the community have an opportunity to observe and participate in the proceedings.

The County Attorney provides legal advice and counsel, as well as regular training, to the various County entities that are subject to the Open Meetings Law to ensure their compliance. In addition, the County Attorney responds to complaints of alleged violations of the law and, together with the Arizona Attorney General's Open Meetings Law Enforcement Team (OMLET), investigates such alleged violations and takes enforcement action when appropriate.

32 N. Stone Avenue, Tucson, Arizona 85701