The Detectives Division is the law enforcement arm of the Pima County Attorney's Office. The detectives in the Detectives Division are highly skilled, Arizona POST-certified, sworn peace officers. They handle thousands of requests each year to ensure prosecutors have all the evidence needed for trial. In addition, they serve subpoenas on witnesses. They handle dozens of special investigations and, from time to time, make direct arrests. The Pima County Attorney's detectives also participate as members of multi-agency task forces that include officers from federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

In 2009, the Division received an award from the United States Attorney for its successful "Summer of Safety" sting operation to catch online predators.
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NOTICE: Pima County Attorney Investigators Local Retirement Board Meeting
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Inside the Detectives Division
Bad Check Program
#1 in the Nation. The Pima County Attorney's Bad Check Program is the nation's leading check enforcement program and is a free service to anyone who has received a bad check.

If you have received a check written in Pima County, the Bad Check Program provides an easy and successful resource. The program is dedicated to holding check writers accountable and returning restitution that is owed.

For the ninth consecutive year the program has returned over $1 million in restitution. Since the inception of the program in 1996, more than $12 million in restitution has successfully been returned to individuals and merchants in Pima County.

If you have been a victim of a bad check, click here to learn more on how our Bad Check Program can help you.
Pretrial Services
Comprised of highly skilled detectives, this unit's primary focus is to assist prosecutors and trial teams with case preparation. Detectives perform tasks such as locating witnesses, obtaining cooperation, serving court-ordered subpoenas and search warrants, and collecting vital evidence needed to prepare a case for trial. Detectives also provide security for victims and witnesses.

In addition, the unit has computer forensic technicians and support specialists who assist with audio and video enhancements, redactions, and courtroom exhibits.
Task Force Operations
The experienced detectives within the Task Force Operations Unit work together with a variety of local, state and federal agencies providing investigations, lectures, seminars, and warrant enforcement. Detectives perform comprehensive investigations in collaboration with many other law enforcement agencies. Among the agencies served are the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Federal Bureau of Investigation SAFE Team and the Pima County Sheriff's Department.

To learn more about Task Force Operations, see:

The FBI Tactical Operations Response Team
The U.S. Marshals Service Tactical Operations Division
Arizona law requires parents and guardians to send children to school between the ages of six and 16. When children are not in school, they may become involved in activities that could lead them into trouble with the law. The Pima County Attorney established a Truancy Program to make sure children in Pima County stay in school and out of trouble. When a school has not been successful in working with the student and parent or guardian, the case is directed to the Center for Juvenile Alternatives. Together they will work with the student and family to provide counseling and training designed to ensure the child's continued attendance and success in school.

By offering this diversion program, the Pima County Attorney's Office and participating school districts help keep children in school and off our streets.

To learn more about our Truancy Program, call our offices at (520) 724-5600.

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Pretrial Services
Tactical Operations
Community Corner
Keeping our community safe is the responsibility of all of us. The County Attorney believes strongly in working together to prevent crime. The Detectives Division offers free  trainings and presentations to civic groups, organizations, schools, and businesses on the following topics:

  • Protecting children on the Internet
  • Cyber bullying
  • Dangers of sexting
  • Identity Theft

For more information, please contact (520) 724-5600

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