Internet & Technology Safety
The Pima County Attorney's Office is committed to protecting children from online predators.  Since 1999, the Pima County Attorney has dedicated resources to the Southern Arizona SAFE (Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement) Team in a collaborative effort to combat predators on the Internet. These efforts include investigating and prosecuting individuals who use the Internet to commit crimes and providing free Internet safety training for members of our community.
Recognize Dangers & Risks
  • Familiarize yourself with the programs your children are using.
  • Know who communicates with your children.
  • Ask yourself if the bedroom is the best place for the computer.
  • Acknowledge that predators can find very personal information about you and your children simply by tracking what websites you visit.
Is Your Child "Sexting"?
Have you looked at your child's cell phone or social networking site lately? A growing number of teens are sending messages to their friends containing naked or semi-naked photos of themselves, a practice called "sexting." Defined as the act of sending indecent or sexually explicit images or photographs, primarily between mobile phones, "sexting" is illegal. Not only could this action ruin a child's reputation, it could land the child in legal trouble.

Talk with your children about appropriate and responsible ways to use technology.  Discuss the legal and social consequences of sexting.  Explain how "personal information" can be passed around unscrupulously and preserved indefinitely, and how sharing too much information on the Internet could have harmful consequences in the future.

Teach your teens that deleting a photo on their mobile phone doesn't prevent the image from being archived elsewhere and possibly kept forever.  Talk to your child about peer pressure.  Consider limiting your child's opportunities to "sext" by establishing and enforcing a phone curfew or having your service provider disable some functions of the phone, such as picture messaging.  Monitor your child's use of social networking sites. Consider using a service such as My Mobile Watch Dog or Mobile Nanny to help monitor your child's cell phone use.

Among the websites providing information and safety tips for parents and teens are:,, or
What can you do?
  • Remember that people online may not be who they seem to be, and everything you read online may not be true.
  • Teach children rules for using the Internet, create a comfortable environment, set reasonable guidelines, and monitor their online activity.
  • Get to know their "online friends" just as you know their school and neighborhood friends.
  • Don't feel intimidated or overwhelmed by technology.
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