Gang Crimes
The Pima County Attorney's Gang unit prosecutes crimes committed by street gang members, ranging from murder and carjacking to drug offenses.  This unit also works closely with law enforcement to identify gangs and their members in an effort to monitor gang activity in Pima County.

Report a crime to local law enforcement by calling 911 or 88-CRIME.
Gang Types
Aryan Brotherhood
Arizona Aryan Brotherhood
  • The membership  is approximately 386 members. Their common Tattoos feature an eagle. Gang members are Caucasian, and their criminal activity in prison includes narcotics, extortion, assaults, homicides and gambling.
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Border Brothers
Border Brothers
Will usually be an Aztec creature's head encircled by flames with eight of the flames appearing longer than the others. And/or the words "Border Brothers" the letters "BB" and/or the number "22"
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New Mexican Mafia
"New" Mexican Mafia
In 1974, Hispanic inmates at Arizona State Prison in Florence formed the Mexican Mafia gang. ADC officials obtained information they patterned themselves after the California Mexican Mafia, which had been in existence for several years. Click to learn more

Old Mexican Mafia
"Old" Mexican Mafia
Will usually be two M's. Sometimes a skull with wings protruding from both sides of the skull located above the two M's. And/or the words "Mexican Mafia" or "EME"
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Will usually be the word "Grandel". Can also be the letter "G" which will sometimes have two swords encircling the "G". Sometimes a cardinal will be used.
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Warrior Society
Warrior Society
The majority of Native American inmates coming to the prison system join the Native American Brotherhood. The N.A.B. group unites Native Americans inside the prison system and ensures their religious practices and ceremonial beliefs are met. Click to learn more
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Tips To Prevent Your Child From Joining a Gang
  • Supervise your children's activities and know their friends. Insist on meeting your children's friends and make every effort to get to know their parents.
  • Develop good communication with your children. It is important to develop good communication with your children so that if they have a problem, they will know they can come to you. Good communication is open and frequent, and it takes on a positive tone. Talk to your child, and take the time to listen to what your child is telling you. Make no topic off limits.
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Resource Center
79% of gang members have a history of felony violence in comparison to 61.1 % of non-gang members.
Arizona Gang Investigators Association
Arizona State Gang Task Force
National Gang Center
National Major Gang Task Force
Violent Gang Task Force
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