What is DTAP?
The Drug Treatment Alternative to Prison (DTAP) Program enables drug addicted criminal defendants to plead guilty to an offense and then enter a residential, therapeutic community treatment system for three years as an alternative to a prison sentence. The Program begins with three months of in-patient, residential drug treatment followed by wraparound recovery support services managed by a resources specialist, including transitional housing, literacy services, higher education, job training and placement services, and counseling, accompanied by drug testing, probation monitoring and regular court hearings.

Pima County’s DTAP Program is currently the only one of its kind in Arizona.

Why do we need DTAP?
DTAP saves lives.
Defendants who successfully complete the program have become productive members of the community, with gainful employment, housing, improved health, and repaired relationships with their families, children and loved ones.

DTAP saves money.
The average cost of placing a defendant through the DTAP Program, including the costs of residential treatment, transitional housing, vocational training, counseling, and other support services is $12,593 – less than half the average cost of imprisonment for the average term of 14 months, which would be $30,162.

DTAP reduces crime.
Research by the Justice Policy Institute shows drug treatment can significantly reduce recidivism, as much as 12.4%, compared with only 6% after jail or prison. Overall, 67.5% of all drug offenders are expected to be rearrested within three years of their release. 41.2% expected to be rearrested on another drug offense after serving traditional sentences. By contrast, DTAP participants are nearly twice as successful in staying drug and crime free.
DTAP in the Media
Local News Fox 11 highlights the Drug Treatment to Alternative to Prison Program.

Watch here
Originally aired: March 9, 2016

Radio Host John C. Scott highlights the DTAP program in a special live broadcast from the Pima County Attorney's Office.

Listen Here
Originally aired: February 27, 2013

Whom does DTAP Help?
  • Repeat drug possession offenders who have:
    • Drug addiction
    • Mandatory prison sentence if convicted at trial
    • No violent history
    • No sex crime history
    • Legal status in the U.S.
    • At least limited English proficiency
dTAP Saves Money
In Pima County the cost for a defendant to successfully complete the DTAP program is shown to be less than half the cost of incarceration in Arizona. DTAP
DTAP Saves Lifes & Reduces Crime
DTAP is changing and saving lives. 75% of participants successfully complete the program and leave with life skills and the tools needed to become contributing members of the community.
Research shows that drug treatment can significantly reduce recidivism, as much as 12.4%, compared with 6% in jail or prison.
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