PCAO Community Connection
The Pima County Attorney works to keep our community safe. Through the wide-ranging and innovative programs described below, the County Attorney's Office cultivates strong community connections and works closely with citizens to make Pima County a safer place to live and work.
CARGO ProgramThe CARGO program is a collaboration among the County Attorney's Office, law enforcement agencies, trauma surgeons, and physical therapists whose goal is to encourage responsible gun ownership and reduce the number of unintentional shootings.

Nearly all unintentional shootings deaths involving children occur in or near the home. In an effort to decrease accidental shootings, the Lock Up Your Gun Campaign was created in 2005 to distribute free gunlocks to the community.

For more information on free gunlocks, please call (520) 724-4005.
Kids In Court
Kids in Court Program The County Attorney's Office created the innovative Kids in Court program to help alleviate the stress and anxiety faced by children who must testify in court. In a relaxed setting, the program acquaints child witnesses with the courtroom environment, the nature of court proceedings, and their role as a witness. It thus helps prepare them for the experience of testifying and simultaneously educates their caregivers.

To learn more about this program, click here for more information, or contact the Victim Services Division at (520) 724-5600.
Community Justice Boards
Community Justice Boards The County Attorney's award-winning Community Justice Boards offer an alternative to the traditional Juvenile Court process for minors who commit misdemeanors and less serious, class-six felony offenses. Composed of volunteers from the community, the Boards engage the offender, the victim, and the offender's family in a restorative process that gives the victim a voice, holds the juvenile accountable, and helps equip the juvenile to make better decisions and life choices going forward.
If you are interested in being part of a community justice board, click here for more information.
Safe Baby
Safe Baby Program Disturbed over mothers who abandon their unwanted newborn infants, County Attorney Barbara LaWall initiated the Safe Baby program. By allowing pregnant women who deliver an unwanted baby to turn the child over to a specified healthcare professional without fear of prosecution, the program ensures the safety and survival of those infants.

To learn more about the Safe Baby program, click here, or call (520) 724-5600.
88-Crime 88-CRIME helps make Pima County a safer place to live and work. 88-CRIME relies on anonymous tips from callers to help solve crimes. Thanks to the continued partnership with the community, 88-CRIME solves hundreds of cases each year.
To learn more about 88-CRIME and how you can help, click here for more information.
 Truancy Boards
Augmenting its successful ACT Now truancy enforcement program, the Pima County Attorney's Office has implemented community-based Truancy Boards. The Boards work with students and their parents to address the underlying causes of the students' truancy, get them back in school, and thus increase their chances for future success.

Citizens Prosecution Academy
Prosecutors Academy The County Attorney is proud to offer the Citizens Prosecution Academy.  This free course offers the community an exclusive opportunity to see and learn about the inside workings of the County Attorney's Office and local law enforcement. The course is typically held twice a year in the spring and fall. This is a very popular course, and seating is limited.

If you are interested in learning more, be sure to subscribe to the County Attorney's newsletter for upcoming dates.  Click here to start receiving updates .
Bad Check Program
Bad Check Program The County Attorney's Bad Check Program is number one in the nation. The Pima County Attorney's Office joined with local law enforcement agencies and many local business people to establish the program, which is designed to help reimburse individuals or merchants for the losses they incur from receiving bad checks.

If you are a Pima County merchant and would like to participate in the Pima County Bad Check Program, your business may request a FREE Bad Check wall hanging to place in your business by calling our office.

To learn more about the County Attorney's Bad Check Program, click here for more information or call (520) 724-4100.
S.M.A.R.T. Program
The School Multi-Agency Response Team (S.M.A.R.T.) is an innovative collaboration of the Pima County Attorney's Office, Pima County school districts, local law enforcement, and juvenile probation. The program assists schools in preventing and detecting crime and providing special services to juveniles identified as being at risk.

This collaborative school-based program was created and implemented in 1997 by County Attorney Barbara LaWall.

Adoption Program
The Juvenile Division helps families file and finalize adoptions by providing free legal services to prospective adoptive parents. This service is provided for adoptions by stepparents and grandparents, as well as for adoptions arranged through Child Protective Services and other adoption agencies.

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