Animal Abuse and Cruelty
It is wrong to inflict suffering on any living creature, and animal cruelty is something the Pima County Attorney’s Office takes very seriously. Research shows that intentional cruelty to animals often indicates the perpetrator either has already committed, or may be predisposed to commit, other acts of violence against people. 

Prosecutors in the County Attorney's Office participate in the Pima County Animal Cruelty Taskforce. Created in 1999, the Taskforce coordinates animal protection efforts among law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and community organizations.

Visit our Resource Center for ways you, too, can help prevent animal cruelty in our community.
Resource Center
Arizona Animal Cruelty Statute
Pima County Animal Care
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Suspect Animal Cruelty?
According to the Arizona Humane Society, common signs of animal cruelty include:
  • Sores, cuts, bruises or nicks on the animal's body
  • Bruising, bleeding or other apparent injury to animal's anus or genital regions
  • Patches of missing fur
  • Extremely thin body
  • Limping or inability to walk
  • Fearful or aggressive behavior, especially when approached by owner
  • Tick or flea infestation
  • A household with an excessive number of pets
  • Pets repeatedly left alone or chained outside without food, water or shelter
  • Pets kept outside in extreme temperatures with no shelter
  • Pets left in parked vehicles during hot weather
  • An owner threatening to harm an animal

If you notice any signs of animal cruelty, please contact 88-CRIME.
32 N. Stone Avenue, Tucson, Arizona 85701