The Administration Division provides continuing support for all other divisions within the County Attorney's Office. Under the direction of the County Attorney, it develops and implements operating policies and procedures and is primarily responsible for budget and finance, personnel, purchasing, and facilities management. Thanks to the County Attorney's fiscal restraint, the cost of trying a criminal case in Pima County is about half that of other metropolitan areas.

An integral part of the Administration Division is the Information Technology Unit. During the past decade, progress in automation has tremendously increased the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the Office. The implementation of our Local Area Network (LAN) permits the sharing of information with other law enforcement agencies, such as the Sheriff's Office, Superior Court, Tucson Police Department, the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission, and outside research libraries, greatly increasing the overall efficiency of the office.
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Fiscal Responsibility
The annual budget for the Pima County Government exceeds $1.3 billion. In 2018, the Pima County Attorney’s portion of that was only 4%. Approximately half of the county’s budget goes to justice and law enforcement.

The County Attorney receives only 8% of the county's justice and law enforcement budget, compared with 11% for criminal defense attorneys.

The County Attorney’s Office operates with a $40 million budget. Roughly one-third of this budget comes, not from taxpayer dollars, but from federal, state and local grants, special revenue funds and assets seized from criminals.

Pima County Budget For Justice and Law Enforcement
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Pima County Budget for Justice and Law Enforcement
General Fund
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Pima County General Fund
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Pima County Budget 2014-2015
Information Technology
The Pima County Attorney’s Office is in the process of going green. We are evolving from the paper dominated office to a more environmentally friendly paperless office.

Pima County Attorney's Office Going Green
Grants save local tax dollars. Funds awarded by grants are vital to the daily operation of the Pima County Attorney’s Office, providing approximately one-third of the Office's budget.

Grant monies help to fund victim services and compensation, 88-CRIME and other crime-prevention programs, and the prosecution of serious crimes involving gangs, drugs, domestic violence, auto theft, and DUI.

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